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Legal Nurse Consulting

A clinical critical eye on your medical legal case.

Finding the right health care professional to collaborate with you on your medical legal case is a critical and potentially case altering choice. Choosing poorly is not only expensive and inefficient, it can be disastrous to the intended outcomes for your clients. As a healthcare professional who is certified, has a diverse practice history, engages in continuing education and is actively practicing, I offer a wide variety of services which educate and assist: 

  • Attorney-clients

  • Jurors (via demonstrative evidence)

  • Plaintiffs and defendants

  • Resource consultants

  • Consumers

As an Advanced Practice, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC®) I can provide nursing opinions as a consulting expert on any and all legal cases related to health, illness and injury (both foreign and domestic). Whether it be medical malpractice, personal injury, products liability or workers' compensation, my nursing experience in both domestic and international acute care arenas, allows me to provide a unique perspective on the inner workings of diverse healthcare systems.

I have been practicing nursing for over a decade. I am passionate about improving the quality of healthcare, upholding standards of care and promoting justice. As a cost effective adjunct to the litigation process I can help you in every stage of your case. Let an experienced healthcare professional navigate the multidisciplinary healthcare landscape for you so that you can resolve or win disputes for your client.

 There are many ways that a CLNC is uniquely qualified to assist you with a clinical critical eye. Get in touch with me before you meet with your next potential client. I offer a free initial consultation to walk you through my services and to discuss your needs. Click the "Contacts" link above and let's discuss how I can help you on your next medical legal case. 

Areas of Practice

CASE Screening

With so many potential clients and the complexities of medical documents, let me assist you in assessing whether or not your case is meritorious.  I use current and applicable standards of care to provide early screening and recommendations. Involving a medical professional like a CLNC early on in the case screening process translates to lower expenses and of course, keeps non-meritorious cases out of the court system. (*Initial Screenings and Comprehensive Screenings available)

defendant IDENTIFICATION and testifying expert SOURcing

Do you know which medical or clinical experts are best suited to testify in your particular kind of case? Did you know that advanced practice nurses and certified or advanced practice ancillary providers (physical therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, respiratory therapists-just to name a few) can often benefit your medical legal case in ways that a physician expert may not? Finding the correct qualifications in a testifying expert is just as important as how relatable and even available your experts are. Contact me to learn more. (*This service requires Case Screening service).

case Evaluation and Report Writing

Let me assist you and your team in assessing the medical record for alleged damages or injuries or to identify potential factors or causes contributing to those allegations. As a nurse, I know how to decipher and locate answers in a complex medical document.  I have years of experience identifying the appropriate resources to consult with and how to cross-check documents in order to get the answers you need. Summarizing, interpreting and translating this data into reports takes a professional who is comfortable and agile within a clinical landscape.

discovery drafting and exhibit preparation 

Discovery is the most important part of litigation for attorneys. Often how you ask for something is as important, if not more so, than what you ask for. As a CLNC I can assist your team in a variety of ways, most notably with drafting requests and interrogatories that consider the working language of hospitals and healthcare establishments. Navigating an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is time consuming and confusing when you are unfamiliar with how medical professionals document. I have years of experience working with and training staff on the use of Electronic Medical Records. I can help you get the material you need quickly and efficiently. Leverage my proven skills in teaching, instructional design and photography to help you fabricate demonstrative evidence that keeps jurors interested, emphasizes your key points and helps your witnesses and testifying experts stay organized and on topic.


As in most work environments, policies and procedures in the medical and healthcare world establish boundaries for acceptable behavior and guidelines for best practices. In healthcare, these documents not only contribute to the culture, value and norms of our hospitals and healthcare centers they also help to keep our "client", the patient, safe. Policies and procedures aren't just words on paper, they can quite simply be a matter of life and death. The authoring of and adherence to these guidelines are some of the most complex processes within the administrative healthcare system. Collaborate with a healthcare professional who is actively practicing under these types of documents and understands the process involved in training healthcare employees effectively. I use my knowledge of best practices, professional codes of conduct and healthcare literature to provide research that is in depth and complete.